Hair Extensions


Joanna said, "I love that my extensions add volume to my fine hair and look totally natural. I can still put my hair up to exercise and then just a little dry shampoo and a few minutes with a curling iron and my hair is fresh and beautiful all day."



Rebecca said, "This method is so much more comfortable than the last method I was wearing... and the hair is so silky! I absolutely love it!"



Karen said, "I got so many compliments after you installed these extensions! Plus, they are so easy to style!"



Kim said, "These extensions are super silky! They feel great and totally secure. I love how hidden they are!" 


Kim is wearing the Invisible Bead Method which features a completely hidden row with a blended root.

Extensions are a great way to change the look of your hair. Whether you want longer hair, fuller hair or just want to add a pop of color, extensions are the best way to achieve those hair goals!


I specialize in a few different methods of extensions, beaded individual, 3 different types of hand-tied wefts (Invisible Bead Extensions, SKW, and Hairtalk), and tape-in extensions. All methods require maintenance every 5-8 weeks to keep your natural hair healthy.  The initial investment includes purchasing your new hair plus installation.


Extensions require a consultation prior to your first installation in order to determine the best method and to match your exact hair color to your new extensions. There will be a 50% retainer required to reserve an extension appointment.  Schedule your complimentary consultation and get a head start on your hair dreams! 

Questions about hand-tied wefts?

I am certified in 3 different methods of hand-tied wefts. But you may be asking yourself, what exactly are hand-tied wefts? The phrase "hand-tied" actually refers to the type of extensions not the method. The extension hair is tied by hand to a string making a long strip of hair to be applied to your head. 

The benefit of having hand-tied wefts is that there is a lot of hair that can be installed on a small area of your head giving you the look of long, thick hair you see on all the celebrities. 

The 3 different methods I am certified in work well for different client's needs. The Invisible Bead Method was created to solve problems created by other hand-tied methods out there, damage to the client's hair and scalp, discomfort, and lack of styling versatility. These extensions are completely hidden so you won't see any beads, bonds, or braids when you wear your hair up or if the wind blows. SKW was designed for the sensitive client with very fine hair. Both SKW and Hairtalk methods avoid over-direction which can cause breakage. I am confident that because I am certified in more than one type of extension method, we can find the perfect method for your lifestyle, budget, and hair. 

Still not sure?

Have any other questions on extensions? E-mail me and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 


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