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Craving long, gorgeous hair?

I proudly offer Invisible Bead Extensions which are the safest hair extensions available on the market for every look imaginable. 

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Frequently asked questions...

How much will extensions cost?

Your first visit for extensions can range from $800-$3000+. I proudly offer high quality extensions and a method that will not damage your natural hair. You will be investing in a superior product and application method when you work with me.

What are hand-tied wefts?

The phrase "hand-tied" actually refers to the type of extensions not the method. The extension hair is tied by hand to a string making a long strip of hair to be applied to your head. The benefit of having hand-tied wefts is that there is a lot of hair that can be installed on a small area of your head giving you the look of long, thick hair you see on all the celebrities. My hands down favorite and best method for installing hand-tied wefts is Invisible Bead Extensions.

Are extensions right for me?

If you struggle with volume, have trouble growing out your length, got a bad haircut, or dream of mermaid hair... hair extensions can help with that. They have the ability to add pops of color or blend perfectly with your natural or color treated hair. Whatever your current hair struggles are, it's possible extensions could absolutely help. 

What is the best extensions for fine hair?

Invisible Bead Extensions was created for fine hair! It is a method of installing hand-tied wefts. This method is completely safe for all textures, but because of the way it is installed, it is hands down the best for fine hair!

How often will I need to come in?

To prevent damage and breakage of your natural hair, I recommend coming in for a move-up every 7-9 weeks. 

What is Invisible Bead Extensions and why is it different?

I am an elite artist with Invisible Bead Extensions. This means I have had extra training in each of the classes offered within Invisible Bead Extensions; technique, color, cut/style, and business. Invisible Bead Extensions is a method of installing hand-tied wefts. This method was created to solve 3 major problems with the many different types of hand-tied methods out there. It prevents damage to your scalp due to over-direction, tension, and improper installation. It eliminates discomfort due to contact of beads on the scalp and tight beading. It has the most styling versatility. No exposed bead, bonds, or braids when you are wearing your hair up! This method is hands-down my most favorite method because it is truly the most comfortable and causes zero damage.   

Invisible Bead Extensions
This is what Invisible Bead Extensions look like in your hair!
Invisible Bead Extensions certified
Invisible Bead Extensions elite artist
hair extensions
Joanna before extensions


Joanna said, "I love that my extensions add volume to my fine hair and look totally natural. I can still put my hair up to exercise and then just a little dry shampoo and a few minutes with a curling iron and my hair is fresh and beautiful all day."

Joanna after extensions


Rebecca before extensions

Rebecca said, "This method is so much more comfortable than the last method I was wearing... and the hair is so silky! I absolutely love it!"

Rebecca after extensions


Maureen before extensions


Maureen said, "I've been trying to grow my hair for the past year. I'm so glad I got these extensions to help me feel like myself again."

Maureen after extensions


Kim before extensions


Kim said, "These extensions are super silky! They feel great and totally secure. I love how hidden they are!" 

Kim after extensions


IBE flip up

Kim is wearing the Invisible Bead Method which features a completely hidden row with a blended root.

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