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Joanna said, "I love that my extensions add volume to my fine hair and look totally natural. I can still put my hair up to exercise and then just a little dry shampoo and a few minutes with a curling iron and my hair is fresh and beautiful all day."



Rebecca said, "This method is so much more comfortable than the last method I was wearing... and the hair is so silky! I absolutely love it!"



Karen said, "I got so many compliments after you installed these extensions! Plus, they are so easy to style!"


Extensions are a great way to change the look of your hair. Whether you want longer hair, fuller hair or just want to add a pop of color, extensions are the best way to achieve those hair goals!


I specialize in a few different methods of extensions, beaded individual, 2 different types of hand-tied wefts (SKW and Hairtalk), and tape-in extensions. All methods require maintenance every 5-8 weeks to keep your natural hair healthy.  The initial investment includes purchasing your new hair plus installation.


Extensions require a consultation prior to your first installation in order to determine the best method and to match your exact hair color to your new extensions. There will be a 50% retainer required to reserve an extension appointment.  Schedule your complimentary consultation and get a head start on your hair dreams! 

Questions about hand-tied wefts?

I am certified in two different methods of hand-tied wefts. But you may be asking yourself, what exactly are hand-tied wefts? The phrase "hand-tied" actually refers to the type of extensions not the method. The extension hair is tied by hand to a string making a long strip of hair to be applied to your head. 

The benefit of having hand-tied wefts is that there is a lot of hair that can be installed on a small area of your head giving you the look of long, thick hair you see on all the celebrities. 

The two different methods I am certified in work well for different clients. SKW was designed for the sensitive client with very fine hair. Both SKW and Hairtalk methods avoid over-direction which can cause breakage. I am confident that because I am certified in more than one type of extension method, we can find the perfect method for your lifestyle, budget, and hair. 

Still not sure?

Have any other questions on extensions? E-mail me and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 


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